Festival fee

130,00 € for the whole festival that includes all programs, workshops, 3 meals per day or
180,00 € for the whole festival with sleeping accommodation in a Bungalow or tend and all programs, workshops, meals included.
Small kids costs are 35,00 € (7,00 € per day).
If badsheeds needed aditional 5,00 €.

All the new guests from the Carneval of Cultures that may visit us out of curiosity about the vedic way of life and Hare Krishna Culture can participate at all the programs and workshops and use all the fasilities for free, except the sleeping arrangements.

As you can see we kept the costs at the lowest border and are more than thankfull for any additional support with only one scope, to keep this Jagannatha festival at the Carneval of Cultures Berlin going on year after year. Thanks a lot for your interest, participating and support.

Timely registration is more than helpful and appreciated. Deadline – April 22, 2019, beginning of last week of April.

Contact: Hari Mohini
Phone: 030 – 60 95 05 78
Mobile: 0 176 – 21 30 70 26