How to reach

Bungalowdorf Wuhlheide | Strasse zum FEZ 2 | 12459 Berlin

How to reach with public transport


S-Bahn line 3, station Wuhlheide
8-10 minutes walk through the Wuhlheide park

From a train station follow a file towards FEZ, crossing the whole Station by a bridge above it and going down the stairs direction forrest, continue following the Fez sign till in the forest on a biger/main road going left. Shortly after on your right side just next to small park train station you have reached Bungalowdorf. Mobile navigation also helps a lot. In total its about 10 min walk.


Tram 27, 60 und 67
15-20 minutes walk through the park

Walk 10-15 min through the Wuhlheide Park direction FEZ. Once there turn left and follow the park road that after a short time turns right, passing through the kids playing area you’ll come to the little park crossroad and look at the sign direction Bungalowdorf. Soon after it will come on your left, just near the small Park train station. Again internet navigation can be helpful.

Mit der Parkeisenbahn

Die Parkeisenbahn hält an der Station der Tram, innerhalb des Wuhlheide-Parks. Informationen zu den Abfahrtzeiten erhält man direkt am kleinen Bahnhof der Parkeisenbahn. BVG-Tickets sind hier nicht gültig.

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